Clinical studies


  1.         2011, 168 Great toe trial, primary investigator Dr Kerry Zang, 1 treatment View
  2.         2012, 105 Great toe trial published in the ‘Mycoses’ Journal, primary investigator  Dr Kerry Zang, 2 x weekly treatments i)    Veiw 
  3.         2013, 323 patient study preliminary study in the treatment of Onychomycosis

 primary investigator_Mr. Robert Sullivan BSc.(Hons) Podiatry, MSc. Pod

Surgery,. PgC.Acup,.FIChPA. Member Association of Surgeons in Primary Care (UK). 

ii)    2013, Same study as 3) i) but formatted to publish in the German market 


         iii)   2013, Same study as 3) i), published in Aesthetische Dermatologie

Robert Sullivan 48 week GB & I Lunula paper

Robert Sullivan German paper_Aesthetische Dermatologie

4.  Sullivan 76 week study paper – Final  – View

5. i)     2015, Sullivan 109 patient retrospective trial.    An Evaluation of the Effect of

                   the Erchonia LUNULA™ on Treating Toenail Onychomycosis

ERCHONIA LUNULA Toenail Onychomycosis Clinical Study Results Report- Sullivan


ii)      Summary of 5) i) Summary_Sullivan 109 patient study summary


    6.   2015, Zang 105 patient/168 toe FDA cleared study; A Retrospective Evaluation  

                    of the Effect of the

                    Erchonia LUNULALASER™ on the Increase of Clear Nail in Patients with   

                    Toenail Onychomycosis

Erchonia_Zang 105 patient-168 toe FDA submitted study V1 0 09 23 15-final


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